Discover Béziers during your stay in camping by the sea in Hérault
Discover Béziers during your stay in camping by the sea in Hérault 2021-02-19T10:27:41+00:00

Come and discover Béziers during your stay in camping by the sea in Hérault

You have chosen to come and stay in Languedoc-Roussillon in a campsite, did you know, Béziers is only 20 mm from the magnificent beaches of Valras-Plage? Between two dives, in the aquatic area of your campsite, consider planning a cultural getaway with your family or your lover. Béziers is a city full of charms, it is located along of the river Orb and the Canal du Midi, there is a whole program of activities available to you!


Béziers, the oldest of the cities of Occitanie

A cultural heritage to visit

  • Saint-Nazaire cathedral in Béziers
  • Béziers and the Bishops’ Garden
  • Les Allées Paul Riquet in Béziers
  • The old bridge of Béziers

During your camping stay in Languedoc-Roussillon by the sea, take the time to visit the cultural heritage of the city of Béziers. On the program, the Saint-Nazaire cathedral episcopal seat from 760, the current cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, it dominates the city with a whole set of small alleys to wander.
From the high bell tower, the view is sublime, we invite you to head towards the cloister and the Bishops’ Garden, where a terrace invites you to discover a panorama over the Orb plain and the Mediterranean. An orientation table for you allows you to quickly locate the prestigious vineyards of Saint-Chinian , Minervois and the large sandy beaches, some of which are still wild.

Going down, you arrive on the allées Pierre Paul Riquet, a tribute to this famous baron to whom we owe, the Canal du Midi connecting the Mediterranean and the river Garonne which he designed and produced. These alleys were laid out in 1827.

Do not leave Béziers without having crossed the Old Bridge made up of 15 arches, it is 241m long, it is an ideal spot for very beautiful family photos with the Saint-Nazaire cathedral in Béziers in the back ground is founded. A beautiful postcard from your camping holidays at Hello Summer Inn in Valras-plage.

To visit the main sights of the city of Béziers, you can take the little train with its commented visit, children, but also adults love it!

Béziers and its arenas

August 15th fair
If you have the chance to stay during this summer and festive period in mobile-home by the sea, come for a day or an evening to live the atmosphere of the Féria de Béziers, a bullfighting tradition deeply rooted in the city.

Bodegas, flamenco shows, concerts, horse shows, dance to the rhythm music in a friendly atmosphere. A little history the arenas of Béziers, were built in 1897 and were completed in 1905, they accommodate 13,500 places.

Today, in addition to the bullfighting traditions, concerts and events are present throughout the year. A pleasant visit to take with your children during your camping trip in Valras-Plage, at Hello Summer Inn.


Béziers an expertise to live with the family

The 9 locks of Fonseranes / The Canal du Midi
One of the most visited tourist sites in Languedoc-Roussillon, do not miss the visit of the 9 locks of Fonseranes in Béziers, a major monument of the Canal du midi directed by Pierre-Paul Riquet for his hometown. The site of the 9 locks of Fonseranes in Béziers now offers a whole range of activities for you to dive into the history of this great achievement.

  • Immersive cinema, a mixture of synthetic images, drawings and videos
  • Treasure hunt
  • Evening light show

The Canal du Midi, a great outing to do with family and friends, by bike, the banks are shaded, you can move around safely with your children away from cars in a “green” atmosphere. On the boat, children love it, they are the captains during a rental for navigate the Canal du Midi and experience an unforgettable moment with the passage of locks.

On foot, the banks are also pleasant, take your cameras to immortalize a moment of well-being with family or friends. A picnic break under the trees to appreciate even more the silence and the beauty of nature.

As you will have understood, choose a campsite like Hello Summer Inn located 800 m from the beach and 20 mm from Béziers, it is a chance!

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